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“My exclusive weight loss management system is SAFE and has helped many people in your area. It is based on scientific principles that cause almost immediate changes and is strictly administered along common sense protocols.”* ~Dr. Sorbera

We Wrote The Book On Weightloss

Dr. Sorbera’s Weight Loss Program has helped patients who travel from all over the eastern seaboard and beyond lose weight and keep it off! Each individual program is doctor supervised and supported with a friendly staff.

Sorbera BookDuring your complimentary consultation, Dr. Sorbera will gather information to custom make your weight loss program. We take into account age, starting weight, lessons from past weight loss attempts, existing medical conditions, stress factors, and more to create a program that will work for you. This consultation is free because we want everyone to have the chance to meet their weight loss goals.

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*Individual results vary depending upon starting weight, adherence to the program, and other factors*

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“Hi There,

I still wanted to send a big thank you. Dr. Sorbera helped me lose 90 pounds. I went from a size 22 to a size 9/10.

I get daily compliments on my weight loss and how healthy I look. I’ve also recommended your program to several friends who are now your clients. Thanks again for all that you did for me!”*

Sheena MacTavish